Conscientiousness: Want some? Get some.

What the heck does this big word mean? While it is not the longest in the dictionary, I would argue that it is the most important.

Have you ever been in a store and demanded: “I am a customer and I am always right?”

That reminds me of the saying “I am women, hear me roar.” Or “I’ve got the right to freedom of speech. Last time I checked, this is America.”

While freedom of speech is a right, being a rude customer is not one.

Everyday, my retail selling hubby (who happens to be the boss) comes home with the most audacious stories of “rudisms” he has heard from customers. Now, I must tell you, I am an avid reader of the Harvard Business Review. I know what managers go through to teach their sales force how to be customer centric. I understand that as a business owner, you have to side with your clients if you want them to keep coming back. But at some point, an honest business must stand up to those customers who believe no matter what they do they have the right to a discount, a replacement item, or a free pair of socks. Even if that customer is dishonest.

If you are rude to a salesperson, I say you get nothing in return. My grandma taught me to always put some sugar on top.

Most recently, my hubby’s store was told to “stop being so Jewish” and one client even said he deserved special treatment because quote: “I’m a stock holder.” I had to laugh out loud because neither is my hubby Jewish, nor is his company publicly traded. So WTF?

As a scholar, and a social media entrepreneur, I am tackling one of the most confusing topics of the 21st century: Conscientiousness.

Keep coming back to learn more. We will discuss everything from the Bystander Effect to “Will you go to Heaven?” Follow our blog to be part of the discussion.



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