How guilty are you….really.

Where does that guilt come that creeps up from deep inside? People carry around guilt for all sorts of reasons. Everything from accidentally running over a cat to kicking the crap out of your dog for eating your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Maybe you made a typo that was published on a billboard. Or maybe you cheated on your California Achievement Test. What ever the average, everyday person does to feel guilty is probably not that big of deal to his or her neighbor. People get over things. But the guilt we carry around eats away at us.

How do you absolve yourself from feeling like crap? What made you care so much in the first place? Some people can go through life without a care in the world. How did they get off so frickin’ easy? Honestly, guilt has nothing to do with the Catholic church. It is ingrained in some of us more than others. But it is a personality trait or a personality flaw? Hmmm…good question.


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