The man who hated fish, the man who loved squash

Pikes Place Fish Market
Best fish throwers on earth.

Once in a retail store a man was very angry. He swore, threw his cup of coffee, and as he drove away he flung a fish out his car door and hit the store front window.

In a photo lab, a jerk screamed in the printer’s face telling her she knew nothing about how to print photos even though she had worked there for many years. The printer said to the customer, “you need to leave the store now sir.”  On his way out the door he tore up his photos, threw them on the floor, knocked over a display, and slammed the door shut.

There was a man at the grocer who must have really loved squash (butternut, acorn, carnival, golden nugget, spaghetti). He grabbed a huge bag full, but when it rang up the wrong price he got pissed and walked out. A few minutes later he came back in with the bag of squash and demanded he be charged the correct price. When the cashier looked at his receipt, he hadn’t even paid for the squash in the first place. As he screamed (and made the cashier cry), she said with tears running down her checks, “Sir, you need to pay for you for squash. You can’t get money back if you never purchased it.”Colorful Winter Squash

What do these stories illustrate? The control people try to exert? The frustration when dealing with strangers?

What if this is what happened right before the above scenes took place:

Fish man was grabbing coffee at Starbucks when he saw his girl friend having coffee with another man. The fish was what he was going to make her for dinner.

Photo guy was trying to develop pictures of the last trip he ever took with his deceased father. He really wanted the photos to match a series his father developed years before.

Squash guy’s wife said to him: “You forgot to get me my squash on your way home from work. I told you I needed the squash for our dinner party tonight. GO GET ME MY SQUASH NOW!” “But honey, I was running late because my boss was being a jerk.” “I don’ care,” said the wife. “You’re the jerk for not getting me my squash.”

There is always a reaction, a chain reaction, when someone takes their feelings and frustrations out on someone else. Sometimes a bad mood is more than what is displayed on the surface.


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