Social Responsibility

Dear Editor,

Weekly my driveway becomes littered with the Oregonian in plastic bags. I aThe Oregonianm not a subscriber to the paper; I get my news from through Facebook. I find it odd that the paper keeps showing up. But each week I pick up the stack of papers, take off the plastic wrappers, throw them in the trash, and put the Oregonian in the recycle bin. Then I contemplate how this act is hurting the environment, not to mention costing the Oregonian money. I should just pick up the phone and cancel the paper even though I never subscribed to it in the first place.

My family of four only fills one and a half tall kitchen bags of non-recyclable waste and it costs me $7 a week for trash through Allied Waste. The recycle bin fills about half way per week. We evaluate the packaging of a product before we purchase it and we try to remember our reusable bags when we visit the store. It is our social responsibility to watch what we consume.

While I would love to cancel our trash service and take one load to the transfer center once every other month, I worry it will negatively impact Allied Waste’s bottom line. What if I cancel and they terminate an employee? I know that losing one client doesn’t have that effect, but as more people are evaluating their budgets it is possible they too may cancel their service, thus having a negative impact on Allied Waste.

The Garbage Landfill

When I was a Marketing Director of a real estate company, we found it necessary to decrease our Oregonian advertising by nearly 50%. It was the right strategic direction to go as more people were turning to the Internet to search for homes. But that loss to the Oregonian was equivalent to several full time jobs and the Oregonian was forced to downsize because all real estate companies were implementing this same strategy, in-turn costing the newspaper millions of dollars.

As we contemplate sustainability, we need to evaluate social responsibility. What we do collectively impacts the livelihood of many. My question is: If I stop the Oregonian from delivering my paper daily, will the delivery driver lose his or her job? I do not want to take food off of anyone’s table just because it is an inconvenience to me to throw a paper in the recycling bin.


Tania Rain


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