Move over and let that big truck get by!

Rocky Mountain Double
Image via Wikipedia

There are unwritten laws of the highway when it comes to big rigs. You MUST get out of their way!

Some people don’t understand this. They don’t anticipate the moves of the truckers. See, truck drivers are in charge of the highway. They take our goods from one city to the next. If it wasn’t for the truckers, our food, water, toiletries and other supplies wouldn’t make it to the shelves of stores.

Next time you are on the road, make sure to share it will the other drivers and always get out of the way of the semis. One simple courtesy is to notices when they want to get over, slow down, flash your brights, let them move over. They will turn the lights on an off to say thank you. Truck drivers may own the highway, but they know how to thank those drivers who are smart enough to know the rules.


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