It Pays to Discover

It most definitely pays to discover how the color green can bring riches both monetarily and environmentally. Who would have ever thought that fired up Green Peace activists and PETA fanatics could one day morph into Boomers with a bright idea: “Let’s change the world for real this time.” From Hippie to Yuppie to Eco-Friendly, an entire generation of folks have rallied not just a nation of like minded ideologists, but a world of skeptics, pessimists, and pragmatics.

Hippie to Yuppie to Eco-Friendly

But we can’t forget the real motivation behind this movement – Generation Y. When Boomers finally birthed their heritage, they realized a legacy risked annihilation. It wasn’t the cold war or bombs this time. It’s much bigger. Without a healthy planet, there would be no grandchildren to keep them warm at night. No great grandchildren to relay stories. No one to inherit their wisdom.

While a significant number of organizations have adopted the green spirit, the greater debate continues over who’s responsibility is it to clean up the planet and leave as a legacy for future generations. Luckily, the government has a history of stepping up and protecting our society and environment through reformation. In the 1970s, the US Environmental Protection Agency was established, fluorocarbons were restricted in aerosol sprays, the DDT pesticide was banned, and the Safe Drinking Water Act passed. Even with all this support, the bigger question remains: How will we reverse the damage that has already impacted our natural resources.

Once we transitioned to a throwaway society in the 1960s, natural resources were being thrown out with the trash. We collectively lost sight of our core values, and mass consumerism set in. While this was happening, the parents of the Boomers who survived the depression and World War II, were not so quick to embrace this new culture.  Even my own grandmother was one who saved every butter tub and perfume bottle, just in case it was needed later on. Nothing in her house was ever thrown in the trash, but those landfills kept growing bigger and bigger.

Advancements in technology, such as the development of Polystyrene, unknowingly impacted the things we value but took for granted: like water, air, soil, and all things living. As a culture, we embrace technological advancements. It makes our lives easier. It promotes and enables a global society. But it contributes to pollution and an unhealthy planet. Luckily, new technologies are being created to help clean the environment and reverse the damage from the past century. New policies are being developed to localize instead of globalize in order to save communities and increase jobs for Americans.

Instead of playing captive to a warming sphere, we see heroes emerging among burning coal. Instead of a generation repeating the chant “Just do it,” now we have an overwhelming amount of people urging us to “Just do it the right way.” These are the people who will lead us to a rebirth and allow us to thrive deep into the next century and beyond. Their great grandchildren are going to be proud.

Stay tuned as I continue to explore what organizations are doing to restore our planet’s health and encourage wellbeing and prosperity of all inhabitants.

Radical Recycling Projects

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