What’s in a name?

I think most will agree there is a lot of confusion out there on what is really going on with the planet. Is the globe warming so much that ice caps will completely disappear and species will go extinct? Are humans at risk? Skeptics argue. The thought is frightening, like an apocalyptic movie, so people tend to ignore the giant, sweating elephant in the room. Regardless of the scientific research, one in four Americans are interested in leading Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). To sustain one’s health and family means to be able to provide long-term. To sustain one’s business, a long-term plan must outline how to remain profitable as markets shift over time. To sustain one’s planet means that you cannot destroy it, even if unintentional.

Sustainable Planet

While the terminology may cause confusion, the fact is individuals, corporations, and the government are taking responsibility for their actions by becoming more eco-friendly through reducing carbon footprints. They are reducing their impact on the planet by using less resources and managing efficiencies, and they are encouraging others to do the same.
As companies sprout up to take advantage of this market shift, greenwashing is the newest buzz word that consumer protection advocates are cautioning people to watch out for. Truth in advertising has been, and will continue to be, something that consumers must be aware of regardless if the color green is in the description.

The Meaning of Sustainability
The Meaning of Sustainability

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