Would Santa Approve?

Strolling reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in the ...
Image via Wikipedia

“Come Donner, come Blitzen, come Rudolf……make me some jewelry.” Santa’s not the one putting reindeer to work as jewelry makers this year. It is an Illinois zoo keeper. According to www.treehugger.com, reindeer droppings are being turned into jewels by the zoo staff and volunteers.  And they don’t look like lumps of coal. They are polished, perfectly round, black and white beads on a chain.

The necklaces are so popular that all $20,000 worth are sold out. That is an innovative way to increase revenue, especially during a economic slump. Santa should have thought of this years ago. But he was busy using the droppings as fertilize and fuel. Who would have ever thought people would buy poop and wear it. Certainly not me.

Sustainable Santa, what else do you have up your red fuzzy sleeves? We will find out tomorrow at SantaCon in Portland, Oregon.



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