What Would Santa Do?

Have you reached the point to where you make a buying decision not just because of price and quality, but because of the carbon footprint? How does someone make tough choices? And more importantly, how do you make the decision during the holidays when you have the internal battle of quantity over quality. The more presents the better, right?

Here are some things Sustainable Santa Claus asks himself:

1. Where is the product made? How far did it travel? Did it take a lot of fuel to get here, thus creating more pollution?

2. What is the product made from? Is it made with organic or natural materials or ingredients? What is the difference between organic and all natural? Is organic important to me and the environment? Are chemicals used in producing the product? Will the chemicals hurt me or someone else? Are the chemicals hurting the environment?

3. How is the product made? Is it fair trade or made people being exploited? Is the money going to a good cause or to an organization that you don’t believe in its mission? Is the manufacturing hurting the environment through pollution or off-gassing?

4. Why am I buying it? Will it be used or go to waste? Will it be appreciated? Is it truly needed?

5. How will I dispose of the packaging? Is it made from recycled ingredients? Is it recyclable? Or am I feeding the landfill or garbage island?

Tip: Buy wrapping paper instead of shiny, plastic wraps. It can easily be recycled and kept out of the landfill.

Sustainable Santa Rides a Goat
Sustainable Santa Claus


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