Sustainable Santa Found A Conscientious Citizen in the Snow

 Sustainable Santa award
Sustainable Santa Conscientious Citizen Award

This is the first annual Conscientious Citizen award presented by Sustainable Santa and The Art of Conscientiousness Blog. Congratulations goes to Adam and his dog Bella in Estacada, Oregon.

Adam is a tall, skinny guy in his late 20s who drives a truck with his black lab Bella. His short, dark hair flows to his shoulders and black rimmed glasses frame his face. Adam is a heck of a nice guy. He goes out of his way to help people – or at least he did on Monday, December 20th when he came to the aid of travels stuck in a snowbank in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Looking for a Christmas adventure, Steve Cameron and his 12 year old son Beck headed out to the edge of town to catch some fresh air, but they weren’t prepared to play in the fresh snow, nor be stuck in it for several hours. The Cameron’s SUV hit a patch of ice and slid off the forest service road into a ditch filled with snow. Adam and Bella stopped to help. Earlier that day Adam was seen playing in the snow with his dog and they appeared to be having a fabulous time.

While Steve was attempting to accelerate his vehicle out of the ditch but only getting more in a jam, Adam appeared.  “I was about to leave and I saw you were stuck so I drove down here to see if I can help,” shared Adam. Bella offered up her leash, and Steve grabbed his dog’s leash to try and winch the SUV up and out of the ditch. With no luck, Adam drove 10 miles home to get chains and straps.

When he came back, Adam offered a healthy snack to Beck: apple an yogurt. Wow, not only did the guy drive 20 miles out of his way, but he brought food.

Every time Steve turned around with a problem, Adam had already thought ahead. He brought the number to a tow truck and offered to wait with the pair. Adam was willing to give his time to help someone on a snowy afternoon.

Adam, this Sustainable Santa award is for you. If anyone knows Adam and Bella, please have them contact Santa @sustainsanta on Twitter or

Thanks Steve for sharing your experience. There are people out there who’s conscientiousness shines in any light, even in a winter wonderland with dusk sitting on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Sustainable Santa Found A Conscientious Citizen in the Snow

  1. Lovely story of aid and compassion! I once picked up a very dirty guy walking south with a gas can on 101, miles north of Florence. He was in for a long haul, as he had been in the woods for days on end mushroom hunting for sustenance and looked like a small sasquatch, covered in dirt and other detritus. He probably had little chance of a lift. I turned around and picked him up, driving the nearly 10 miles south to Florence (we were north of the lighthouse) so he could fill that gallon can. I paid for the gas just because. Dropping him off, he was thankful, and I was glad he and his dog and his station wagon and his precious and large cargo of mushrooms were off and mobile again….

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