Santa Uses Skype

December 24, 2010 – North Pole

Technology comes to the aid of Santa Claus this Christmas eve. Santa’s loss has the elves running ragged and the reindeer exhausted. Without Rudolph, it will be difficult for Santa to guide the sleigh tonight. But Santa has finally decided to embrace the technology he has been avoiding for a number of years now. Luckily, senior elf Buddy recently completed his  IT certificate learning Windows, Cisco and Enterprise systems. While Buddy was ridiculed by the MAC loving elves, his forethought and training have saved Christmas this year.

Santa Uses Skype
Santa Uses Skype

Like many people in the 50 plus age category, the idea of learning technology causes more apprehension than the actual learning process. Santa decided to jump in feet first, most likely as a way to mask his pain over Rudolph’s death. Santa has started in the Russian and European time zone, calling up kids he was unable to deliver to tonight.

With so many distant parents and grandparents, and the high price of air fuel and gasoline for long-distance travel, Skype is expected to be widely used during the holiday. Even military parents abroad can use it to see the joy on their children’s faces on Christmas morning.

Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft, is pleased to hear Santa has now endorsed the use of Microsoft servers and stock prices are expected to rise. Ironically, Google, co-owners of Skype, are also very pleased about Santa promoting Skype and are in the planning stages of a new Skype upgrade for 2011. We are excited to see the new Skype functionality and wonder if Santa will implement an online strategy next year.


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