The Crystal Ball: What’s in Store for 2011

I didn’t jump up and say: “Hello 2011.” Today, I struggled to get out of bed as I do everyday. I’ve never believed in New Years resolutions. To me, the calendar is just one big continuum. It never begins and it never ends. So I  can’t say: “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

But my fortune cookie can. And that is exactly what it did.

See, yesterday I realized how much I hated 2010. Not because of any one thing in particular (2009 was worse). But 2010 represented the end of a decade that didn’t turn out how I had imagined. Honestly, I never sat down and imagined it in its entirety, but if I had 2001-2010 did not meet its minimum requirements as a decade to look back on and say: “You rocked.”

2010 ended the decade of my second career – thanks goodness. Residential real estate was not for me. 2010 ended the decade of me being a mother. My baby is all grown up and my womb has no more room even if my heart could love a house full. 2010 gave me perspectives on the future, so I will focus on the future and not the past.

This past year I discovered I have values. And I have never given those values enough credit. I believe strongly in quite a few things that I am willing to fight for.

Here is my list:

Seniors Rights
In 2010, I became a certified Long-Term Care Ombudsman as a way to get hands on experience with seniors needs. I will complete my graduate degree in June 2011 and I intended on fighting for senior rights, while making a career and name for myself. My start-up company, Legacy Preservation Society, is still a viable option. But I see so much need and I feel like there is a better business model that can have a greater impact on individuals and families. In 2011, I will find that business. I will help people and their families through a difficult time. I will ease the burden and make life bearable for those who face the challenge of aging.

Children in Poverty
While I feel like the only way I can really have an impact on a child is by being their parental figure, there must be a way that I can contribute to these little people. I love children. I want more children. I want to empower the minds of kids and encourage them to reach for the stars. Part of this desire is because of my own lack of self esteem. I know I am smart. I know I am able to make a difference. But I face road block after road block and I don’t know how to overcome my own personal challenges. This is the decade that I will find a way to be important to the little ones. I think a multi-generational model is the answer, but we will have to wait and see.

Water Conservation
It’s time to end the madness. How have bottle water companies gained so much power? How have they taught American’s that bottle water is cleaner than the tap. It is time to “Take Back the Tap.” It is time to enjoy the water from our own water tables and not import it from other regions. It is time to become sensible and stop wasting plastic.

The Clean Up of Garbage Island
There is plastic floating in the oceans of the world. There is a lot of plastic.  I never thought I could do anything about it. The problem is so gigantic. But several years ago, I began a campaign to tell people about Garbage Island. Awareness is the first step. I learned about the Pacific Gyre in 2008. Oprah Winfrey didn’t learn about it until 2010. Once Oprah began talking about it, more people started to realize there is a problem. But then they forget. They forget there are hundreds of miles of trash floating in the ocean, killing creatures and contaminating the fish we eat. Someone has to continue telling people about this invisible threat. I will continue to spread the word and hopefully find a way to be more proactive in the clean up of our wasteful habits that are destroying an eco-system.

I am not an environmentalist. I am a humanist. I am not a radical. I am a cynic. I do not display much passion, nor do I try to go out of my way for those around me (because every time I do, I am greatly disappointed). I have a suit of armor on that protects me from the unfairness of life, from the lack of reciprocity. But just because my internal needs are not being met, and I have to shield myself from disappointment, does not mean I cannot try to make the world a better place. And through the journey, possibly, just possibly, I will find a way to fill my heart with love and feel that my purpose in life is being executed. I do believe each and every one of us has an important role and I encourage you to find yours. If you are having trouble finding it, call me. I would love to help.


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