Portlandia Makes Fun With Portland, Not At

Armisen and Brownstein in Portlandia

Browsing through the Tweets (hash tagged) #Portlandia, I was happily surprised to find people from Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, Glasgow UK, Shanghai, and New Zealand ranting and raving about the show.

Several things happened during the Portlandia vignettes that made my ears perk up. In “Read It,” the dynamic duo Brownstein and Armisen eat a Portland Monthly (PM) magazine. The crew at PM didn’t seem impressed. I am eager to find out how many new subscribers will sign up to learn the “truth” about Portland and its people. PM, you best have a bird on the cover of the next issue. This is exactly what you need to round up the lost advertisers of the great recession.

The mention of Tumblr also got my attention. Of all the media called out in the “Technology Loop,” Tumblr is the only one I am not familiar with — so I had to check it out. Since Tumblr is not as intuitive as other social media, and it doesn’t tell you immediately why you should sign up, it is no surprise the Alexa.com (a traffic measuring site) reports 48% of web traffic to Tumblr bounces*.  Compete.com reports a little over 9 million visitors went to Tumblr in December 2010 (not bad for the new kid on the block). In order for us to see the impact of Portlandia on Tumblr traffic, we need to revisit Compete.com next month to view the January traffic report.

But the big question is: Why was Tumblr mentioned? Is it a sponsor? Does IFC own it? Do the creators use it, like it, hate it? I must know!

Watch the 22 minute episode on Hulu.

PortlandiaTV, I know you only made six episodes and your future is uncertain, but we want to keep you around. Here are some ideas to sleep on. (I encourage all readers to post ideas in the comment section below.)

Portland LOVES Its Old People
We saved grandma and grandpa from being locked in nursing home institutions. Our hippie, pot smoking communes stopped the aging process by keeping the elders young and healthy forever. Is it cyber punk cryogenics or anti aging cream made with hemp?

Sugar High or High on God?
Have you eaten a cock and balls donut, drunk, in the middle of the night? Or sober on a Sunday morning on your way to rock n roll church? Which faith is the faith of choice in Portland? None. Wikipedia says Oregon is the number one religion-less state in the union. It could be the confusion of too many options such as the Church of Elvis, Oregon Scientology School and Reading Room, Portland Buddhist Temple and Zen Center, the Muslim Mosque and Discoteca, the Morman Temple and basketball court, and the Old World Russian Community House, just to name a few.

Trash Fanatics, Mostly Mothers, Put Doggie Poop in Plastic Bags
With thousands of miles of plastic creeping up from the Pacific ocean, a bunch of mothers with babies in Burka bags are putting an end to the use of plastic bags, well for everything except dog crap. The only way Fido can poop anymore is straight into a grocery sack that mom will tie around its neck in disgrace.

Keep it real Portlandia!

*Bounces are visitors who only hit one page and bounce out of the site instead of voluntarily clicking on multiple pages. In the case of Tumblr, I would guess that many people come to the sign up page and leave without taking action. So when Compete.com reports 9 million visitors, nearly 4.5 million of these only visit the homepage (or another page) and leave.

Read more about Portlandia at http://www.portlandmonthlymag.com/blogs/culturephile-portland-arts/portlandia-premiere-january-2011/#new


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