Rebrand That Tap Water

After an enjoyable visit to the Standing Stone Brewery, a sustainable pub in the southern most part of Oregon, my senses were awoken to the most fantastic realization – TAP WATER IS NOT BAD. It is our perception of tap water that has shifted our culture to not drink the refreshing substance. How long did it take the bottled water companies to convince us to pay for water? It’s time we take back the tap!

There are cities and organizations around the country working hard at taking back the tap. New Yorkers say their tap water is “the purest and tastiest” in the world. San Francisco claims to have “the best tap water in the nation.” But Americans still spend $4 billion annually on bottled water. GlobalTap wants to install water filling stations in public places and supply people with refillable bottles.  TapIt reminds us to think of the Pacific Garbage Patch before accepting another plastic bag or bottle. They offer an app to help us tap into their network for a free bottle refill at a partnering cafe.

It’s time for us all to take back the tap, just like that!

Learn more at about bottled water at


Take back the tap

Standing Stone Brewery, Ashland, Oregon, works to protects and restores the environment, and supports the health and happiness of its community, visitors, and employees.


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