Join a League, Portlandia

The “league” is a hysterical topic for so many reasons. Fantasy football, disc golf, pool, dodge ball, hide and seek, and cricket all offer people a unique experience — as well as draw unique people out from behind closed doors. But what is it about a league that attracts so many people? Is it the togetherness? Or is it the competition?

In last week’s episode of Portlandia, Carrie Brownstein was more interested in the after party than the game. There are different levels of competitors in a league:

The Die Hard
This is the person who never gives up. They are an hour early for the event, proudly wearing their colors. They wake up at 3 am to do their draw. They practice and research and educate themselves on moves and strokes. They hide in the library for over 20 years just to win a championship in the future. They are they ones you see in the newspaper wearing yellow and green face paint screaming like a maniac. Oh, they are fanatical and extremely patriotic.

The Committed Captain
We love ourselves a committed captain. He or she makes our games more fun and our participation much easier. Captains tell us when an where to be. They give us advices and high fives. They are our mentors and cheerleaders.  And best of all, they do the league paper work. Thanks captain for taking on the job!

The Frequent (or Infrequent) Frank or Fergie
The average Jose or Jaynie likes to know if they have to work late and miss a game, that no one is going to be mad and kick them off the league.  These are the people who like to say: “I belong to a team.” They like to list it as a hobby on Facebook and eHarmony. It makes them feel like they are part of something. And when the team wins a trophy, they proudly stand for the photo even if they only showed up to play half the time.

The Socialite aka “the Groupie”
You know who you are Groupie. Everyone knows who you are. You stop by practice to just hang out.  We love the fact you are there. It gives us more people to talk to and hang out and party with. It’s like having our very own cheering squad at games. And sometimes you even buy drinks or bring dessert. But best of all, you make us look cool.

Join and League and Bring a Groupie

Tell us what category you fit into, or make up your own category below.

If you love a good comedy (and you consider yourself a mature audience) , watch the League on Hulu. You will laugh and gasp and wet your pants (or not). It reminds me a bit of the Hangover, sans the smoking hot Bradley Cooper and funny guy Zack Galifianakis who said, “I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack.” Apparently Zack doesn’t need to join a league.

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One thought on “Join a League, Portlandia

  1. what about the evil league of exes that Scott Pilgrim had to fight? I wouldnt want to be in that because not only would you not be dating Ramona Flowers anymore but you would also get your butt kicked by Scott Pilgrim. *boom*

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