Portlandia: Bike Hard or Die (not really, geeeesh)

Fred Armisen, Portlandia Episode 2Fred Armisen loves to bike, except when he gets his 10mm gauge earring caught on the door jam. Idiot biker. Luckily, not every Portland biker is so clumsy. But according to a good source, my bike crazed husband, Portlandia showcased the typical biking experience. Weaving in and out of cars and yelling at drivers is a daily ritual for our unique bike culture.

According to the NY blogger Bike Snob, Portland is bike obsessed. This is so true. Political figures supported and adopted the 2030 Bike Plan. Activists are working on banning studded tires because of the wear and tear they cause to bikeways (plus they cause millions in road repairs). Thousands of people ride their bikes to work year round both for wellness and because of a strong commitment to sustainability.

Events are dear to the hearts of every Portlander, especially cyclists. The Naked Bike Ride in June 2010 encouraged nearly 13,000 riders to strip down to their skivvies. Bike naked or put your clothes on and get off the road!

At this year’s annual Worst Day of the Year Ride, over 4,000 bike riders are expected to grab their avant garb — tutus, clown costumes, cell phone tower hats — and bike 18 miles around town. On February 13, 2011, the race will begin at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, 915 SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon. The die hard cyclists will take the longer, 45-mile route out to Hillsboro and back through downtown Portland. Click here to see route.

Judges will select the best costumes. And guess who is a judge? This chick! I don’t have a bike or else I might risk it and bike with this gang of enthusiasts. The truth is I haven’t biked since I was a freshman in college where 40,000 students at U of A on bicycles scared the shit out of me. I hit a curb, went down, and became the bottom of a dog pile. Call me a scaredy cat, but I am OVER it. Not forever though.


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