Portlandia Episode 4: Reggae versus Esperanza Spalding

Portlandia's Reggae MayorOn February 13,  Portlander Esperanza Spalding angered Justin Bieber fans by snatching the Grammy’s New Artist Award. The twists and turns of this story sounds like an episode of Portlandia. Esperanza’s surprise win created such a controversy causing NPR to cover it on-air. Apparently Bieber fans cyber attacked the up and coming Esperanza on the great wiki. Didn’t this unknown child prodigy deserve to win? She played at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony at President Obama’s request — apparently someone knew her talent as a chamber and jazz artist.

Kyle McLauchlan in Twin Peaks
Kyle McLauchlan in Twin Peaks

Meanwhile back here in Portlandia TV,  the mayor goes missing in episode 4. Fred and Carrie use the obvious cell phone GPS locator to hunt him down at Slabtown. The quest becomes even more interesting when the dynamic duo uncover the mayor’s secret: he is ray-gae. I wonder how the real-gay mayor, Sam Adams, feels about this parody (Adams was in the coming out scene spying on Mr. Mayor played by Kyle McLachlan).

This is clearly Kyle McLachlan’s best role since Twin Peaks where he played the coffee loving, inquisitive FBI Agent Dale Cooper. In an odd way Twin Peaks and Portlandia are identical cities. One has a log lady and the other has a lot of logs. One has Laura Palmers Diary and the other has the Powell’s City of Books. One has coffee and pie and the other has coffee and Voodoo Donuts.  Twin Peaks has murder and Portlandia has mayhem.

It’s exciting to hear IFC’s Portlanida has been renewed for season two. We look forward to watching our city through the monocles of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hope there will be a contest I can win for best skit with a cameo appearance by me. Maybe that will give me the opportunity to see if Fred and Carrie have got it going on ;).

Watch House Sitter and don’t forget to put a bird on it.


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