The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
March 2011 Dominican Republic Trip

On my trip to the Dominican Republic I learned I am okay with who I am and that I
often find myself searching in the wrong places. I love where I live
and I am embracing my consumer side instead of rejecting it as wrong
and too American. A healthy balance of giving back and rewarding
yourself with things that matter is essential during this life course.
Some of us are blessed with means and others are blessed with passion
– one is not better than the other because it is not an equal
comparison. Wisdom, however, trumps all.

I am glad I went and I’m glad I got sick with the stomach bug. It shows that I can over
come challenge.

For now, I will focus on making Oregon better. I don’t think the
orphans in the DR needed us. They have a support system of there own.
But Oregon children are in need. Did you now 5,000 children in
clackamas county alone are sexually abused each year. Multiple that by
the 36 counties and we have a silent epidemic. Something has to be
done to protect our children. I intend to do something to make a difference.


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