When Great Graphic Design Work Gets Overlooked

Being a graphic artist is a lot harder than you may think. It is expected that a designer will deliver a minimum of three options for each project: (1) an option the designer thinks is awesome and over the top, (2) an option that is average, and (3) an option the designer thinks stinks.  It is hard to love everything you come up with. Recently, I fell deeply in love with a design I made. It may be the women in the image that I am in love with; however, the over all design is very good work — maybe the best I have ever made. The color scheme is attractive and eye catching. The mood exudes a captivating and adventuresome tone. It almost has a mystical feel. It reminds me of a McMeniman’s advertisement for the Kennedy School or Edgefield. But that’s not what inspired me. I am not sure where I came conjured up this creative, but here it is. Tell me what you think.

 The truth is the client didn’t like this option. Out of the five options they were given, they selected my least favorite. Then, as always in the designer versus client world, the client changed some elements around stripping the design of what made it special in the first place.

Now I must explain: My least favorite doesn’t mean it is bad design work, it is simply not awesome. It may be too masculine or too boring for my taste, but it is still professional design work. Sometimes you just can’t go over the top. Some clients like to play it safe, or their taste is not as refined as mine — art school has the tendency to refine your senses and then shake them up in a post modern fashion and make you break all of the design rules you were taught.

No matter what one’s taste is, as a designer, you must get used to the challenges your clients put in front of you and do the best work you can. You can try and defend your art work, but the client has the final say and they are paying you for they want not what you want to produce.


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