Passionate About Supporting Home Bound Seniors

I am very passionate about serving seniors in my community. I worry about older folks who have trouble with basic activities of daily living such as cooking and grocery shopping. Luckily there are organizations like Store to Door and Meals on Wheels that serve this population. Here is the most recent news on hunger and food security in Oregon and across America.

Serious Health Risks for Seniors without Access to Food

Portland Nonprofit Provides Grocery Service to Home Bound Seniors and People with Disabilities

September 1, 2011 (Portland) – “Access to food is a rising concern of older adults in Oregon,” says Helen Bernstein, executive director of Store to Door. “It’s not just the cost of food that has many seniors concerned, it’s access to stores because of the inability to get around safely.”

Store to Door has served the Portland metro for over 22 years, providing low-cost grocery shopping and delivery. Many clients cannot do their own shopping due to mobility issues caused by diabetes, blindness, heart disease, Parkinson’s and other health problems. Access to transportation is also difficult for people with disabilities. Add in economic factors, and many older adults are struggling to keep food on the table.

A report released Tuesday by the AARP Foundation found that more than nine percent of Americans over the age of 50 were at risk of hunger, an increase by almost 80% from 2001. At Store to Door, the number of clients has remained consistent, but the number of weekly shopping trips per client has declined over the last year.

“People are making meals stretch,” says Judith Auslander of Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon.

Nutrition is a primary concern to senior advocates and professionals working with older adults. The lack of proper nutrition has consequences including an increased risk of depression and dementia. A poor diet, or skipping meals completely, can cause dizziness resulting in falls and hospitalization.

By providing access to food, including grocery shopping and delivery service, medical risks and cost associated can be reduced significantly.

About Store to Door

Support Store to Doors mission to facilitate independent living for Portland area seniors and people with disabilities by providing a low-cost, personalized grocery shopping and delivery service. To donate or volunteer, visit or contact Helen Bernstein at 503-200-3335.


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