A Short Essay: Leadership and the Committee

“Lola adds the ability to lead and inspire others around her to do more than they themselves knew they could do.” – Steve Russell, Windermere Realty

Approval by committee can be a complicated process unless managed effectively. Strong leadership helps avoid confusion, indecisiveness, and disagreements. Setting expectations and properly managing them can be the winning strategy when leading a team. My approach is to get to know each member and understand what personally motivations them. It is easier to gain respect when you build a committee from scratch, like I did with the Senior Advisory Council for Volunteers of America. However, when you walk into an existing committee, many members already have relationship patterns and it’s harder to gain the leadership edge. I experienced this on both the Heart Ball committee and the Board of Licensed Social Workers. It takes time to prove yourself and your dedication. By creating a relationship with each member, you can break down barriers and address preconceptions. Participating on a committee should be a fun and rewarding experience.

The above essay was written during the interview process at the Home Builders Association (HBA). After I received the job and became liaison to the Communications Committee, I was delighted by the following comment given to my CEO. 

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the HBA’s new hire, Lola Rain.  I’ve sat on many committees and a few boards and she is a great facilitator and thinker that surprises all of us in each communication meeting.  Her leadership, processes and programs she comes up with are very refreshing and helpful.” – Jason Coles, HBA Member

Thank you Jason for the kind words. The Home Builders Association truly has been the best organization I have ever worked for. I will miss it very much.


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