Lola’s Bucket List

1. Be born (check)

2. Run away from home (check)

3. Have a baby girl (check)

4. Graduate college (check)

5. Go to Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Dominican Republic, Guanajuato Mexico (check)

6. Start a business (check)

7. Go to grad school (check)

8. Invent something significant such as a new mobility device for the disabled or an app for seniors

9. Give a speech to an important crowd (Ignite – check) –

10. Become a teetotaler

11. Greet the president

12. Adopt two little girls ages 2 and 4 named Ruby and Scarlett

13.Write a book

14. Be the voice of an animated short

15. Travel to Prague, Budapest, Romania and Istanbul

16. Meet a Hobbit

18. Hold my grandchildren and tell them stories

19. Find my place in life where I feel comfortable and happy – preferably in a beautiful backyard with green grass, a garden, and birds

20. Go to Heaven




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