Who is “Lola”?

Tania Lola Rain

Tania “Lola” Rain is a researcher, writer, brand ambassador, marketing guru, visibility expert, and all around nice person.

“I am a student of life who wishes to go to new intellectual levels. Open your mind and join the journey.” – Lola

“Compassionate, energetic and enthusiastic while maintaining organization and clear, forward-thinking methods.” – Shireen Press of Flamebouyant Productions

“Lola Rain is a creative writer, graphic designer, photographer, Ombudsman, visual engineer, and destined superstar.” – Steve Cameron

“Lola kicks ass.” – Steve Empey, Nike

“Lola’s genius is matched only by her crazy down to earth sense of humor, and those things she uses to shoot people with!” – Daniel Russell

“Lola helps complete strangers, sometimes when their need is greatest, enabling them to help themselves.” – Gilbert Tahi Martin, New Zealand

“Lola is a determined woman who is dedicated to changing the world one act of goodwill at a time.” – Trista Sue Page, Darling Diva Photo Design

As seen in Oregon Magazine 1859 winter issue (photo by Joni K.):

Winter 2011 Oregon Magazine 1859


3 thoughts on “Who is “Lola”?

  1. If she is who I think she is, she was the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal sophomore year at Gilbert High School. If she isn’t who I think she is, well… she sounds pretty awesome anyway.

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