What’s Your Legacy?


I once was very passionate about preserving history. This passion developed from insight my grandparents gave me in to their pasts. Mix that insight with the treasures I spied while working at the Southern Oregon Historical Society. I had a burning desire to protect the past. Today, I try to preserve history in my writing. I enjoy spending time with my elders and sharing snippets of their lives through the written word. I wish ever person had a one page biography archived in the library. It would be a giant data base on every person who ever lived.

Enjoy this collage I made of memorabilia taken from one woman’s estate. This represents how much she meant to her daughter. Please consider capturing your personal history to leave as a legacy to the next generation. If you need help, just ask. I am always here to help.

My Mother's House
My Mother’s House in Colora, Maryland, c. 1940



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